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  • Dream-Build-Play 2008

    Today the XNA Team has launched Dream-Build-Play 2008 . In Dream-Build-Play 2008 you can build your dream game to compete with other game developers around the world.  This year’s contest will feature Xbox360 development only and to ensure that everyone has access we will be giving away one...
    Posted to wotudo (Weblog) by paulfo on 06-06-2008
  • Community Games on Xbox LIVE Beta

    David 'LetsKillDave' Weller announces on the XNA Team Blog the availability  of Community Games on Xbox LIVE!! Following on from GDC 2008 you now have the opportunity to try it out. Read more at the XNA Team Blog . Or jump direct here .
    Posted to wotudo (Weblog) by paulfo on 05-20-2008
  • XNA 3.0 CTP - Zune games!

    Yes! The XNA Games Studio 3.0 CTP is available and it enables game development for the Zune platform. Canadian colleague Jean-Luc David ported this game pretty easily. Jean-Luc's learning's in doing are: · Project needed to be converted from XNA 1.0 to 2.0 (using the Migration tool) ·...
    Posted to wotudo (Weblog) by paulfo on 05-14-2008
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