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  • 2D Space - Windows Phone Game port

    A simple port of the XNA 2D Space Game tutorial to the new Windows Phone 7 Series.
    Posted to How To Activities (FileGallery) by paulfo on 03-15-2010
  • TechCrunch: In Mobile, Fragmentation is forever. Deal with it

    Following on from my rant on the widgets , Richard Wong – venture capitalist and guest TechCrunch blogger – makes the point with more finesse, although we disagree in technology beliefs. In his post ‘ In Mobile, Fragmentation is Forever. Deal With It’ , Wong lays out the issues of the mobile marketplace...
    Posted to wotudo (Weblog) by paulfo on 03-05-2010
  • Windows Phone Gaming and Rich apps

    Shout it from the roof tops Windows Phone 7 Series application development uses Silverlight and XNA!! If you’re a .Net developers today – you just became a Windows Phone developer, able to deliver rich applications with Silverlight and amazing games with XNA. Charlie Kindel summarises the latest Windows...
    Posted to wotudo (Weblog) by paulfo on 03-05-2010
  • Ramping dev skills for Windows Phone 7 Series

    So you now really want to learn Silverlight and XNA to be ready to build applications for the coolest new phone on the block? Here is a list of resources to get you going: XNA: Setting up XNA Games Studio on your machine . You can install the current version of XNA on your Windows PC today. This isn...
    Posted to wotudo (Weblog) by paulfo on 03-05-2010
  • Project ZuneRay

    After the PDC last year I ended up with a couple of ZuneHDs. I gave one to my mate Charles Humphrey and look what his building with it! A raycasting engine. Remember Doom and game of the type, they used raycasting as a means of delivering  exciting 3D games on platforms without 3D support. The ZuneHD...
    Posted to wotudo (Weblog) by paulfo on 02-14-2010
  • Wiimote XNA games

    Just before the festive holidays I signed up to support Microsoft Research Cambridge with a technology show for local school leavers. Called ‘Think Computer Science’ it was an awesome event with both Andrew Herbert and Chris Bishop speaking. Andrew shared some great anecdotes from his many years in the...
    Posted to wotudo (Weblog) by paulfo on 01-06-2010
  • WIImote XNA Racing Game source

    Using the XNA Racing Game Starter kit I have combined the WiiMote .net class allowing you to drive the game from your wiimote in true Mario Kart's style!
    Posted to How To Activities (FileGallery) by paulfo on 01-06-2010
  • Insight to Project Natal development

    Salvatore Fileccia – head of development at Rare in the UK – shared some interesting insight into building with Project Natal. From a slightly ‘down’ emotion on trying to set expectations, to the realisation that game testers can’t test for 8 hours a day because of the physical fitness demands. Hear...
    Posted to wotudo (Weblog) by paulfo on 12-09-2009
  • Xblig XNA day

    I had a great day in Birmingham today attending the UK Xblig XNA day. The day was full of interesting stuff from texturing meshes correctly, to procedural generation of game worlds and AI strategies. Over 70 people attended with various levels of XNA experience and skill. There was plenty of discussion...
    Posted to wotudo (Weblog) by paulfo on 12-05-2009
  • Zune HD XNA slides

    My Xblig XNA event deck. I didn't use more than the first few slides because the rest of my talk was all code.
    Posted to How To Activities (FileGallery) by paulfo on 12-05-2009
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