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  • Shawn Hargreaves Mix graphics demo available

    Shawn gave a superb demonstration of the five effects available in XNA for Windows Phone. He has now published the demo source up on the XNA Creators Club website. GO GET IT HERE .
    Posted to wotudo (Weblog) by paulfo on 04-01-2010
  • XNA: Windows Phone 7 Series GPU performance rocks!

    For me the best session at Mix 10 was Shawn Hargreave’s CL22 – High Performance 3D Games on Windows Phone 7 Series. Shawn is an XNA demi-god and to see what he can make the new Windows Phone do with XNA is inspiring. The session is packed with technical facts and figures you just don’t find anywhere...
    Posted to wotudo (Weblog) by paulfo on 03-29-2010
  • MIX: Multi-screen gaming with Windows Phone Developer tools preview

    Using XNA Games Studio 3.x you could build a game that would run across Windows, Xbox and Zune. Now, unless you travelled to America or lived there you were unlikely to have a Zune or Zune HD. But now with Windows Phone 7 Series we have the promise of a device far more available for our mobile gaming...
    Posted to wotudo (Weblog) by paulfo on 03-15-2010
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