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  • Speech controlled robots

    At Maker Faire UK I wanted to have an exhibit anyone could interact with. So I took along my robots and modified one of the Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio (MRDS) Visual Programming Language (VPL) examples to allow both speech and Xbox controller control of them. Note to product teams: shorter product...
    Posted to wotudo (Weblog) by paulfo on 04-09-2009
  • Coding4fun: House, Robot

    Charles Stacy Harris III (the third!) has a new post on Coding4fun. He has implemented some home automation services using Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio. I don't think the hardware he has is available in the UK, but his short article does show a little of what is possible. Remember not all...
    Posted to wotudo (Weblog) by paulfo on 06-06-2008
  • Live on campus - European tour

    I'm taking part in the Microsoft Windows Embedded European Tour - doing the Turin and Stockholm gigs later this month :-) I shall be presenting the Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio session and including as many demos as possible. A1-DW is to heavy to travel - so with a bit of luck I'll be...
    Posted to wotudo (Weblog) by paulfo on 05-14-2008
  • RoboCup - Nao in simulation

      Aldebaran have provided a CTP of the Nao simulation for Microsoft Robotics Studio's soccer simulation. Find more details here .
    Posted to wotudo (Weblog) by paulfo on 05-06-2008
  • Home technology projects

    This week I attended the Architect Insight Conference in the UK. The conference is for leading software architects to share the latest implementation strategies. I was exhibiting my Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio(MSRDS) work accompanied by Lib-b and A1-DW. My goal was to talk about the software...
    Posted to wotudo (Weblog) by paulfo on 04-30-2008
  • RoboChamps - On10 Video

    Marc Mercuri gives Tina Wood the details and the demo of the RoboChamps challenge: RoboChamps: My robot is bigger than your robot
    Posted to wotudo (Weblog) by paulfo on 04-24-2008

    Yes!!! is now live. The first of the RoboChamp challenges has been released along with the availability of the web site. The AMAZED challenge places you in control of a CoroBot from CoroWare. The maze is not just a normal maze - it is filled with traps ranging from cages to ejector seats...
    Posted to wotudo (Weblog) by paulfo on 04-24-2008
  • Robotics in the curriculum

    Today I was at the Open University attending a robotics in the curriculum event. The event, organised by Dr Ashley Green (of Walking with robots, RoboCup Jr and Roberta activities), was designed to bring together educators and industry to share ideas and success stories for incorporating robotics within...
    Posted to wotudo (Weblog) by paulfo on 04-01-2008
  • 914 PC Bot Microsoft Robotics Studio services

    Just a shout out to say I've been working on building some services for the White Box Robotics PC Bot 914. This work has been a bit delayed due to various reasons but I'm making good head way now. My plan is simple. Working from the good work of Chris Jones - fellow UK 914 owner - I've built...
    Posted to wotudo (Weblog) by paulfo on 03-20-2008
  • Windows CE based robot

    I promised some chaps from Manchester a pointer to the Stinger CE Robotics Kit. So here it is:
    Posted to wotudo (Weblog) by paulfo on 03-20-2008
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