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  • What to do when your Aspire One doesn’t boot

    I thought I’d lost it. One moment it was working and then it wasn’t. Of course it was made worse by the fact that it stopped working for my wife. Trying to avoid recriminations (!) I switched to the web. The symptoms were bad. The power button light would illuminate, the cpu fan would spin up, the hard...
    Posted to wotudo (Weblog) by paulfo on 09-29-2009
  • Windows 7 and GHWT!

    What a day! Not only does the full Guitar Hero World Tour complete band set get delivered but so does my new blue Acer Aspire One. I confess I left the GHWT unpacking until the kids got home from school - but by then my new netbook had its 120gb hard drive re-formated and the PDC build (6801) of Windows...
    Posted to wotudo (Weblog) by paulfo on 11-14-2008
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