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Based on the Platformer Game starter kit in XNA 3.0 this version of the game has: Screen Management for Game selection, Options and Exit Player lives Vertical and Horizontal scrolling Added pickups: Power...
Date Added: 10-01-2009
File Size: 75.5MB
Downloads: 3,499
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My Xblig XNA event deck. I didn't use more than the first few slides because the rest of my talk was all code.
Date Added: 12-05-2009
File Size: 1.7MB
Downloads: 1,725
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Tetris written in Small Basic by Kenneth Kasajian. Have a go at fitting the shapes to form complete lines. For advanced programmers why don't you add more shapes or change existing ones?
Date Added: 02-16-2009
File Size: 17.3kB
Downloads: 1,535
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This small VS2008 C# project shows how to find and query the Windows Media Centre EPG. It then shows how to create a scheduling request using Click to Record functionality to record a selected programme...
Date Added: 03-25-2009
File Size: 60.6kB
Downloads: 1,428
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The XNA Platformer Starter Kit ported very simply to the Windows Phone platform.
Date Added: 03-15-2010
File Size: 36.4MB
Downloads: 1,399
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This zip file contains two VS 2008 projects. One is a simple HTML and Script Widget that calls upon the second projects COM component functionality. The .Widget file can be copied to your WM6.5 Emulator...
Date Added: 10-01-2009
File Size: 2.9MB
Downloads: 1,360
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Date Added: 09-25-2009
File Size: 3.1MB
Downloads: 1,308
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This project demonstrates how to implemented thumbnail previews using the new Windows Code Pack API for Windows 7.
Date Added: 10-20-2009
File Size: 1016.2kB
Downloads: 1,138
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Using the XNA Racing Game Starter kit I have combined the WiiMote .net class allowing you to drive the game from your wiimote in true Mario Kart's style!
Date Added: 01-06-2010
File Size: 228.5MB
Downloads: 1,123
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Flickr is an online photo sharing site. You can write programs to look at pictures on Flickr with Small Basic. So your computer can look at the enormous Flickr database to find pictures tagged to match...
Date Added: 02-16-2009
File Size: 1.9kB
Downloads: 1,022
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