First SciTech club meeting

As the opener for the new high school SciTech club I took along several of my robots:


Robot 003



and my DIY Drone’s Quadrocopter


All the above robots except for the Quadrocopter are ‘differential drive’ robots. That means they are driven by two motors which can steer the robot ‘like a tank’ or other tracked vehicle. Put one motor forward, and the other in reverse and the vehicle will turn on the spot.

Eddie has a Kinect as the primary sensor. This is a powerful sensor being able to determine depth data. It makes an effective tool for enabling Eddie to determine obstacles and then take avoiding action.

Club members enjoyed listening and seeing how the Kinect works. Using a video camera it is possible to see the matrix of IR dots projected from the Kinect to enable it to sense depth.

The Quadrocopter remained a static exhibit – as it is a very similar to an up turned lawn mower which it is running!

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