New SciTech Club

My local high school has invited me to lead a new Science and Technology club. I’ve eagerly accepted the role but now I need to find a project to get the members excited.

The club is on a Monday lunch time for only 25mins – not a lot of time – so a project that can return quick results is required.

The US Navy’s SeaPerch out-reach project has caught my eye. I’ve ordered a kit, but as the club starts next week, I’ve worked through the list of parts and sourced as much as I can locally.

The SeaPerch is an Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (or ROV). Here is a pic of one in action from the SeaPerch site:


The frame is made from PVCa pipe. The materials are easily available in the UK – I purchased them from B&Q, and ScrewFix.


Trial run of ROV frame assembly for SciTech Club :)


The frame was easy to put together, but I now need to track down suitable 12V DC motors and 35mm film canisters to house them in. The design uses wax from a US toilet wax seal to seal the motors into the 35mm film canisters to stop water getting in. These wax toilet seals are pretty difficult to get in the UK – we moved on from these seals a long time ago. So I have get hold of some Sculptures wax which is easy to make mouldable just by rubbing it around in your hands. We’ll have see how successfully this makes the waterproofing of the thrusters  soon Smile

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