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  • Wed

    Windows Phone 7Online Conference XNA track

    We had great fun presenting the XNA sessions for Tech.Days Online Conference last week. From a secret location (just off the M42 J4) a crack team of XNA developers gathered to present four sessions covering Artificial Intelligence, Collision detection, Advanced Rendering and the Synapse Gaming’s Sunburn game engine for XNA on Windows Phone 7. I’ve collected together a few useful links for each of the sessions below. The session recordings and slide decks available very soon – I’ll add links when...
  • Mon

    Windows Phone 7 beyond the clouds

    Is this the first Windows Phone 7 handset in the stratosphere? On Friday morning, Southampton university launched a Windows Phone 7 handset in to the upper atmosphere using a helium balloon and logged scientific data using a Windows Phone 7 app and Windows Azure. Here is the full breakdown from Dr Andras Sobester: “Part of the ASTRA (Atmospheric Science Through Robotic Aircraft) initiative ( ), the goal of this flight was to demonstrate the feasibility of using a low...
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