17 August 2010 - Posts

  • Tue


    Since before Mix10 I have been busy working with brilliant software developers all over the UK building fantastic games and apps for the new Windows Phone 7. Using Silverlight or XNA with Visual Studio 2010 and Blend 4 productivity is amazing and the quality of applications will set new standards of expectation in mobile apps. With these projects powering towards completion I can now extend the invitation to device testing labs to more developers in the UK. If you are a software developer building...
  • Tue

    Windows Phone 7 game nominated for BAFTA Award

    I am very excited to report that Henry and team won Dare to be Digital over the last weekend and have had their Windows Phone 7 game nominated for a BAFTA :-) Well done guys! If you are a software developer building Windows Phone 7 applications/games in the UK then please get in touch. I am running a series of ‘XAP-athons’ in London where you can bring your code and test it on Windows Phone 7 developer devices. I have 12 dates currently booked in London, and will happily set up additional dates around...
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