November 2010 - Posts

  • Sat

    Big Screen 'byRemote' - for Windows Phone 7

    Available now for trial + purchase from Windows Marketplace (in 'Music & Videos' category) Based on the great technology developed for the Silverlight 4 desktop client - the Windows Phone 7 native app brings the functionality of byRemote to the new Windows Phone 7 devices released by major manufacturers over past month. Featuring multi-touch support and a great looking UI designed specially for the look/feel of Windows Phone 7 Metro UI - this app is optimized for 3G and Wireless users...
  • Thu

    For those aged devs trying to rock with WP7

    I’ve discovered some developers of a certain aged, further defined by being drivers of Volvo cars, have experienced some difficulty getting the ‘tunes’ they would like to ‘get down’ too on Windows Phone 7 and Zune marketplace. So I wanted to offer some help. First step is to ensure your Windows Phone 7 is set to the correct region. That’s ‘English (United Kingdom)’ for here in the UK. This ensures that the marketplace presents prices in the correct currency – that’s GBP. If you get USD $$ then clearly...
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