06 January 2010 - Posts

  • Wed

    Sharepoint 2010 Beta Developer Training Kit

    A quick shout out for the Sharepoint 2010 Beta Developer Training Kit. It is a really useful addition to resources for us developers new to or less familiar with SharePoint. Complete with video presentations links to Channel 9 content and local hands on lab exercises, it quickly highlights the key technologies and techniques you need to understand for working successfully with SharePoint 2010. You can download the training kit from here . Well done to my Developer & Platform Evangelism colleagues...
  • Wed

    Wiimote XNA games

    Just before the festive holidays I signed up to support Microsoft Research Cambridge with a technology show for local school leavers. Called ‘Think Computer Science’ it was an awesome event with both Andrew Herbert and Chris Bishop speaking. Andrew shared some great anecdotes from his many years in the computer industry (I didn’t know the Tornado on board computer was so big and underwhelming), and Chris made lots of load bangs while blowing up or setting light to things – all to show the potential...
  • Wed

    SharePoint 2010 on Windows 7 x64

    I’m just completing the installation of a standalone development environment for SharePoint 2010 Beta on my Windows 7 x64 netbook. There are a few gotchas to doing this which I wanted to share with you, it turns out that they are all well documented by the SharePoint team but finding them is always easier if someone pulls together the reading list first. The most comprehensive documentation is by Jie Li:
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