05 January 2010 - Posts

  • Tue

    To kill a mobile OS

    Way back in the last millennium, when I was previously focused on Mobile phone application development a representative from Nokia came to one of my Tech Ed Chalk and Talk sessions to discuss the Armageddon scenario of a virus targeted at a single mobile phone OS. His nightmare was conceived around the idea that mobile operators would ‘instantly’ turn off network access to any device that used the targeted OS and how such action would effectively take that mobile phone producer out of business. It...
  • Tue

    Windows 7: Building your own sensors

    Windows 7 has a built in sensor and location platform, the key feature of this is any sensor devices connected to it become operating system level resources which any number of applications can utilise the data from. Up until now, sensor devices (like GPS) were ‘owned’ by the first application to grab them, and prevented any other application from accessing the device while running. That has all changed in Windows 7, but we are still waiting for sensor manufactures to update their drivers to fit...
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