Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP Refresh - Released

 ******* LINKS UPDATE ************ 

CharlieK provides an overview of the new tools release here inc. link to get them.

Also an update of the WPDT developer documentation to MSDN. This documentation supports the CTP Refresh of the WPDT. For detailed information about breaking changes and known issues, see the Release Notes for CTP Refresh.

So what’s new in this documentation release?

Note: This information can also be found in the What's New in Windows Phone 7 CTP Refresh topic on MSDN.

§ Accelerometer Added a new topic showing how to emulate data, How to: Use Rx to Emulate and Filter Accelerometer Data for Windows Phone

§ Globalization and Localization Added two topics and a code sample showing how the application can display information such as date, time, and currency in the correct format for a selected locale.

§ Location Added a new topic showing how to emulate data and a new code sample.

§ Web Services Added topic: Web Services for Windows Phone

§ Frame and Page Navigation Added topic: How to: Perform Page Navigation on Windows Phone

§ Base Controls Added topic: How to: Set the Keyboard Input Scope for Windows Phone

§ Isolated Storage Added topic: How to: Add Files and Folders for Windows Phone

§ Stopwatch Class Added documentation for Stopwatch

§ Design Resources Added topic: Design Resources for Windows Phone. This is a new topic that will direct you to Windows Phone design resources such as the UI Design and Interaction Guide, ApplicationBar icons download, and the Windows Phone Design System – Codename Metro.

§ Hardware Added topic: Windows Phone Hardware

§ Push Notifications Updated topic: How to: Send a Push Notification for Windows Phone. Contains an updated schema definition for tile and toast notifications.

§ Media Updated topic: Supported Media Codecs for Windows Phone. Removed several codecs from the table.

§ Security Added a section about the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) and applicable tools for Windows Phone developers.

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