MIX: Windows Phone Developer Tools Preview

Announced: the Windows Phone Developer Tools Preview is available!


The preview includes:

    • The Visual Studio 2010 IDE
    • A project template system for starting Silverlight applications for Windows Phone
    • Visual Designers for Silverlight for Windows Phone that enable the drag and drop creation of UI, and the auto-generation of appropriate XAML
    • Project template system for XNA Framework game development for Windows Phone 7 Series
    • The Windows Phone Emulator
    • All appropriate wiring to enable deploying and debugging applications on the Windows Phone Emulator, or on an actual Windows Phone.

If you are a .Net developer you just became a Windows Phone developer capable of building not just the coolest looking Silverlight applications but also XNA games!!!

It is incredibly easy to get going building this stuff. So don’t delay, go get the tools today!!!

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