Windows Phone Gaming and Rich apps

Shout it from the roof tops Windows Phone 7 Series application development uses Silverlight and XNA!!

If you’re a .Net developers today – you just became a Windows Phone developer, able to deliver rich applications with Silverlight and amazing games with XNA.

Charlie Kindel summarises the latest Windows Phone 7 Series announcements on his blog post here. The Twitter Q&A from the announcement is here.

Most frequently asked questions:

  • Windows Phone 7 Series is not backwards compatible to Windows Mobile
  • Microsoft will continue to support Windows Mobile 6.5 for some time to come, including new devices on 6.5 and 6.5.3
  • Your Xbox Avatar will be in 2D on the WP7S
  • There are no plans to upgrade the HTC HD2 to WP7 OS.

So there you have it. At Mix (15th/16th March) we will go into the developer tools offering and show you have to build awesome games in XNA and glorious applications in Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 Series. There are 12 sessions at Mix.

To start ramping your skills in these technologies now look at this post.

Other key Microsoft bloggers on these topics include:

Andre Vrignaud: / @ozymandias

Christian Schormann: / @ cschormann

Shawn Hargreaves: / @shawnhargreaves

Todd Brix:  / @toddbrix

Anand Iyer: / @ai

Michael Klucher: / @mklucher

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