Has the worm turned on Apple?


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Some pics from yesterday a) protest outside Apple’s venue, b) users hope vs reality, c) Rock is really under-rated lately

For some very odd reason, known only to my deep subconscious, whenever any one says ‘iPad’ I want to shout ‘Me Tarzan’.

I wonder what Steve Jobs is thinking looking at this lot? ‘Aaaaah-aaouaaouaaouaaaaah, Tantor beg!’

Ok, after that frivolity, I am a tablet fan. I have had several and found them in slate mode to be really useful.  Still needed a keyboard for things, and the performance of the ones I had – transmeta  cpu – where quite poor performers even with just XP. I still have the HP T1000 and the better performer T1100. As a web browser and sketch tool (note taking, drawing etc) they are fab. I have ArtRage on the T1100.

So my hopes are high for the HP Slate. I hope they are carrying forward the learnings from the T1000 and T1100. It is going to be so great to have a modern tablet with Windows 7 on it.

When I look back on our other efforts – Mira remember that? – the vision we had for tablets great, and something Apple obviously agree with, I saw so much of our hopes and dreams in their presentation yesterday.

What I also see is that same old Apple as years ago. I wasn’t old enough to get an Apple 2 or others of that era, but the closed ‘license and source everything through us’ model clearly screwed Apple at a time they could have easily competed with the young PC model. By comparison the open model of Windows – yes its open, you pay for Windows then you can build your own, install anyone else’s, software onto it without MS taking anything more, is so completely different. A fact that many people fail to acknowledge. I was talking to a bunch of school leavers last year and they thought MS took a slice from everything that was built on Windows!! How wrong can they be, buy a PC on Windows, benefit from automatic updates over the web, a giant eco-system of software developers, but never pay MS again for that Windows version.

Windows is an open, enabler. Powerful and ready to help you achieve your aims.

All we need is inspired hardware partners.

Come on HP, Windows 7 is up to it – are you? I know you are.

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