Xblig XNA day

I had a great day in Birmingham today attending the UK Xblig XNA day. The day was full of interesting stuff from texturing meshes correctly, to procedural generation of game worlds and AI strategies. Over 70 people attended with various levels of XNA experience and skill.

There was plenty of discussion in the breaks where I showed (and sort assistance) with my Goblin XNA installation – still have sussed the tag recognition issues using ALVAR but the ARTag recognition worked well with a variety of entertaining demos.

You can get Goblin XNA from Codeplex.

Today, was doubly special because I celebrated my 15yrs service with Microsoft. It was great to mark the occasion with such a great group of people – they kindly gave me a spontaneous round of applause when I told them :-)

I’ve published my session slides and a my modified Zune HD version of the Platformer. This uses the accelerometers and the touch screen to move the player as per the MSDN doc mods, plus I’ve used Nick Gravelyn’s ZuneLib to implement the game in landscape orientation.

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  1. Well what a great day that was! I gave my first public talk on XNA at the XBLIG-UK event, not sure if

    RandomChaos — December 8, 2009 1:44 PM
  2. This is the quickest way to get links up from the speakers from the day. I’ll also add some prettier

    Brain Dump — December 10, 2009 8:58 PM
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