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  • Wed

    PDC Windows 7 Bootcamp now online

    The Windows 7 Bootcamp from PDC09 is now available to watch online. It is worth a watch to learn the inner details of Windows 7, the how and why behind some of the feature changes and additions. Watching this stuff is well worth the invested time.
  • Wed

    Insight to Project Natal development

    Salvatore Fileccia – head of development at Rare in the UK – shared some interesting insight into building with Project Natal. From a slightly ‘down’ emotion on trying to set expectations, to the realisation that game testers can’t test for 8 hours a day because of the physical fitness demands. Hear the details for yourself from the NxtGenUG podcast for the XBlig XNA day. Project Natal comments start 7mins in, Sal starts talking at about 2:30.
  • Sat

    Xblig XNA day

    I had a great day in Birmingham today attending the UK Xblig XNA day. The day was full of interesting stuff from texturing meshes correctly, to procedural generation of game worlds and AI strategies. Over 70 people attended with various levels of XNA experience and skill. There was plenty of discussion in the breaks where I showed (and sort assistance) with my Goblin XNA installation – still have sussed the tag recognition issues using ALVAR but the ARTag recognition worked well with a variety of...
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