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  • Mon

    Zune’s Nov. launch – the reality is Xbox 360++

    This quote from WinSuperSite explains the situation nicely: The misreporting of Zune's "global launch" When the Financial Times reported this week that Microsoft was getting set to launch Zune around the world, a lot of people got excited about the prospect of buying Zune HD portable media devices in countries other than the US. There's just one problem: That's not happening. Instead, Microsoft is simply launching the Zune brand worldwide, courtesy of the limited Zune Video...
  • Thu

    Surface Workstation Edition SDK available!

    Lots of new resources available for Surface application development. The first key download is the Microsoft Surface SDK 1.0 SP1 Workstation Edition . Surface Web site ( ) New Technical Resources section so prospective and existing customers and partners can quickly connect to the resources they need to learn more about Surface or get support on issues. MSDN ( ) New Microsoft Surface section of the MSDN Library (under .NET Development), providing the Surface...
  • Wed

    PDC 09 attendees get free Win7 laptop

    Steven Sinofsky announced at PDC09 day 2 keynote, that all PDC 09 attendees would receive a MSFT designed, Acer built, Windows 7 laptop free of charge. The laptop has a touch screen, full sensor and location functionality, is 64-bit and fully loaded up with Office 2010 beta and lots more. Designed to enable application developers to get to grips with Windows 7 features, the keynote audience were first stunned and then jubilant at the gift. To get going on Windows 7 application enhancement take a...
  • Wed

    Taking your app forward to Win7

    If you are looking for a concise guide to the features you should consider for your application to shine on Windows 7 look here . A simple list of the 7 things you could do to rejuvenate your applications and ensure they work will and correctly in the modern world of Windows 7.
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