14 October 2009 - Posts

  • Wed

    A fun Windows 7 party!

    Just catching up on the latest Redmond activities of Simon Bisson and Mary Branscombe. Sounds like they are having a fun trip! Really enjoyed reading their write up of a Windows 7 party . And hey! CoPilot works well on my upgrade HTC Touch Pro 2 Windows Mobile 6.5 device Simon! I’m hoping you’ll both be at PDC09 – happy to provide ‘free’ beer guys :-)
  • Wed

    sidebar: Project Mobile AR

    As discussed at the recent OTA09 event, I’m working to build out an AR platform on Windows Mobile.  This is a ‘skunk works’ project filling my waking hours between work and the family. Currently, I’m exploring the DirectShow capabilities of the Windows Mobile device. DirectShow allows us to get hold of the device camera and provides a mechanism, via filters, to manipulate the video stream before rendering. I currently envision building a transform filter that will enable a form of the Windows...
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