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  • Tue

    Aspire Ferrari One – rocks. A netbook as netbooks should be

    My latest purchase is an Acer Ferrari One netbook. This is a netbook like no other and the way netbooks should be! It is the same size as the current restricted Atom 11.6” screen netbooks, with 1366x768 res - but this one runs the AMD Athlon X2 L310 processor. Yes this is a dual core, 64-bit, workable screen res netbook baby! With support for up to 4GB RAM and a 250GB HDD the graphics are provided by the ATiRadeon HD 3200. The Windows Experience Index says it all: All this for just £399. It is pretty...
  • Thu

    Software changes the world – be proud to be part of it

    One of the joys of working for Microsoft is the real world citizenship. That sounds really corporate, but what I mean is the ability to stand up and do the right thing. Microsoft of course does lots locally and internationally as befits a successful company. But its the ability to do stuff as an individual that helps me fulfil ambitions, help others and feel like I’m making a positive contribution to the world. For the last few years I’ve been able to support the First Lego League in the UK, and...
  • Thu

    Augmented Reality – the cutting edge

    Technology Review has a interesting blog post on the material being presented at the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality ( ISMAR 09 ) next week in Orlando. The post includes several videos of some pretty amazing stuff. My favourites are –Augmented Sketches by researchers at the University of Canterbury, NZ.   And the multi-touch interaction   And finally this handheld AR game which manipulates the game view of the world to prevent multiple players colliding during intense...
  • Thu

    Windows Mobile 7 gossip – custom UI

    Reading between the lines Long Zheng suggests Microsoft  will be collaborating closely with mobile operators to allow custom UI for Windows Mobile 7 devices. Zheng has dug up a job advert which support this. I can tell you that in the UK we’ve had some mobile operator specific teams developing customisations for several years now – so its been going on way before WM7, and has clearly met the needs of the mobile operators to help them differentiate themselves. One of my former colleagues works...
  • Thu

    Super cool themes for Windows 7

    A collection of really cool brand theme packs for Windows7 is available here . Just press Download and select Open to install your favourite theme. Me? I went for Porsche. The 911 is my dream car, and although I’ve had a ride in a few, I don’t own one - yet. Make Windows 7 in your image:
  • Wed

    Windows Mobile ‘6.5.1’

    Long Zheng has an interesting post on Windows ‘6.5.1’ over on IStartedSomething .
  • Wed

    Making your app shine on Windows 7: Jumplist

    This post is one in a series of posts covering the Windows API Code Pack. The code pack provides a managed code framework for using the new native Windows 7 features.   After thumbnail previews the next item you’ll be looking to implement for your application is a Jumplist. A Jumplist may provide shortcuts to recent documents, frequently use documents and application functionality. Setting up a jumplist for your application is as simple as simple can be using the code pack managed API – but...
  • Tue

    Making your app shine on Windows 7: Tabbed Thumb Nails

    This post is one in a series of posts covering the Windows API Code Pack . The code pack provides a managed code framework for using the new native Windows 7 features. In this post we’ll examine how to implement thumbnail previews for a tabbed application UI. We’ll add to each thumbnail preview some buttons to control our application directly from the preview thumbnail. You need to be using .Net 3.5 SP1. I used a simple C# Winforms project to test this all out. You’ll need to add five references...
  • Mon

    VS 2010 Beta 2: SharePoint gets a proper dev tool!

    VS2010 beta 2 has been announced at the SharePoint Conference . Details are available here and if you have an MSDN subscription you can download it now! Key for me is the availability of the SharePoint project templates. These enable you to build everything from a web part or a workflow, to a Site Definition – all from inside my favourite IDE. More worked examples coming soon! The other news is that there are now three versions of VS2010, <quote>: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with...
  • Fri

    Windows 7 application UI enhancements

    Heya, how’s it going? If you have Windows applications built using .Net you may be wondering how to add all the cool new Windows 7 taskbar and common dialog features? These are all accessible as native api but we’re in .Net dude – looks like we’re pinvoking! Thankfully, all this work has been done for us in the Windows API Code Pack for Microsoft .Net Framework . We’ll just refer to it as the code pack from here on. The code pack is an evolution of the Windows Vista Bridge sample. It has been extended...
  • Wed

    A fun Windows 7 party!

    Just catching up on the latest Redmond activities of Simon Bisson and Mary Branscombe. Sounds like they are having a fun trip! Really enjoyed reading their write up of a Windows 7 party . And hey! CoPilot works well on my upgrade HTC Touch Pro 2 Windows Mobile 6.5 device Simon! I’m hoping you’ll both be at PDC09 – happy to provide ‘free’ beer guys :-)
  • Wed

    sidebar: Project Mobile AR

    As discussed at the recent OTA09 event, I’m working to build out an AR platform on Windows Mobile.  This is a ‘skunk works’ project filling my waking hours between work and the family. Currently, I’m exploring the DirectShow capabilities of the Windows Mobile device. DirectShow allows us to get hold of the device camera and provides a mechanism, via filters, to manipulate the video stream before rendering. I currently envision building a transform filter that will enable a form of the Windows...
  • Thu

    The curse of the evangelist

    Some people say technology evangelists don’t need sleep. That they have an additional interface just behind their right ear, and that they mind-meld with Xbox Live in order to crush the Covenant. All I know is, it is really frustrating not being able to tell people about the really cool technologies we’re going to be showing for the first time at PDC09. You need to be there to hear it and discuss it – trust me! Get registered now.
  • Thu

    Visual Studio Team System – shows how to build software

    Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) is an excellent example of a business solution implemented using the Microsoft platform. Through clever instrumentation business processes are measured, guided and enforced providing the business with reduced bureaucracy while obtaining the detailed level of oversight required in the modern marketplace. Extraordinarily high levels of integration and accessibility ensure everyday productivity tools and specialist developer tools can fully participate in application...
  • Tue

    Windows Phone Blog - The Windows Blog

    Get the detail on the Windows Phone launch today over on the team blog Windows Phone Blog - The Windows Blog An incredible 30 new devices, in over 20 countries by the end of the year! A marketplace from where you can purchase new apps directly from your phone or if you are a dev, publish your apps for sale from. The My Phone service gives you an astonishing level of service – for free! ‘ My Phone , a free service that syncs data from a phone -- like pictures, music and text messages -- to a Web portal...
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