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  • Tue

    What to do when your Aspire One doesn’t boot

    I thought I’d lost it. One moment it was working and then it wasn’t. Of course it was made worse by the fact that it stopped working for my wife. Trying to avoid recriminations (!) I switched to the web. The symptoms were bad. The power button light would illuminate, the cpu fan would spin up, the hard disk clicked but didn’t appear to whirr. The screen remained blank. It looked fundamental. However, a quick search of the Acer sites turned up a plan A and a plan B! I have to say the Acer sites are...
  • Fri

    OTA09: Widgets in Windows Mobile 6.5

    Just finished my first session at OTA09 on the new Widget framework built into Windows Mobile 6.5. Thank you to everyone who attended the session I really enjoyed our discussions – its always great fun to be able interact at these sort of things. As promised I have packaged my slides as a PDF file which can be downloaded here . Now onto building my next session  - Building an augmented reality game. Tonight I have to pull this all together and have a game for tomorrow!!! If anyone would like...
  • Thu

    New Bamboo 2nd Generation

    As a keen user of the first Bamboo tablets I’m pleased to see the second generation of Bamboo from Wacom. I like the idea of the DrawTweet mini app! Details below taken from the Wacom newsletter:   Today, we are delighted to present the second generation of Bamboo – the first interactive tablet that merges multi-touch functionality with pen tablet technology in a single device. The new Bamboo is the must-have for fashionable users: based on current consumer trends and the introduction of touch...
  • Mon

    Augmented reality game challenge

    I’ve set myself a small challenge. I am attending the Over The Air event this Friday/Saturday. in theory, I’m manning the Microsoft stand and delivering a couple of sessions while I’m there. But, this is a codeathon event, so along with all the other delegates I thought I’d give myself a challenge to code up during the ‘small hours’. Basically, I have a second session to deliver on the Saturday morning. Now, the chances of getting an audience to a session on Windows Mobile development (yawn) on a...
  • Mon


    I’ve been lucky enough to obtain my very own HTC Touch Pro2 running Windows Mobile 6.5 :-) Its been awhile since new gadgets landed on my desk – so to say I am keen to play with it, would be an understatement. It is also exciting to be back in the world of mobile development. I did a fair amount in the late 90’s and early 00’s but have been away doing other stuff for most of the last five years. Windows Mobile 6.5 has many interesting features – including new UI stuff – but it also has a built in...
  • Wed

    Britain Works

    Recognising that business needs to do all it can to help people during the recession, Microsoft UK has launched its flagship employment & skills campaign- “ Britain Works ”.  Britain Works is a multi-year plan aimed at addressing one of the biggest challenges in our economy – unemployment. With over 77% of all jobs in the UK requiring some form of IT Skills, we believe that given the rising issue of unemployment in the UK our role as a responsible business leader is to provide access to...
  • Tue

    iRobot promo video

    And whilst I exercise my iRobot fan-boy status, here’s an iRobot promo video. Awesome robotic fun - I am so in the wrong job ;-)
  • Tue

    iRobot new LANDroid “Ember” video

    I like this.
  • Wed

    Windows 7 developer training kit

    You may not have found this kit. The Windows 7 Training Kit provides both native C++ and .Net developers with training materials (presentations, videos, hands-on labs etc) to help you get your applications compatible, optimized and differentiated on Windows 7. If you haven’t got it, go get it! 66mb to download.
  • Wed

    Windows Mobile 6.5 phones soon!

    The next version of Windows Mobile could be available on new devices as soon as Oct 6th. Devicewire are already taking pre-orders for the HTC Touch2. Although the probably the first Windows Mobile 6.5 device in the UK, it doesn’t have any of the cool new hardware I’m looking forward to; namely accelerometer and GPS. Its with these new sensors that devices start to get interesting again for application developers. More details on Windows Mobile 6.5 can be found on the team blog and in Press Pass ...
  • Wed

    Deepzoom for all with new Seadragon site

    You have probably seen the cool Deep Zoom images created and published on sites. You may have looked into producing such items your self, got to the Deep Zoom Composer and, well, given up. Do not fear, the Live Lab’s team have provided a new simple to use web site to help you publish your favourite images using the Seadragon technology. Seadragon is the technology platform that provides Silverlight with its DeepZoom and Photosynth with its zooming and panning. Now, for the first time, you can publish...
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