February 2009 - Posts

  • Sat

    Cracking open Media Center

    (Updated with live project download here ) Windows Media Center in Windows Vista (Home Premium and Ultimate) provides a wide range of services for viewing all kinds of media. One media is TV. There is a complete EPG maintained for you in Media Centre - the possibilities of what you could do with it, if you could get at it, are very exciting. There is good news and bad news here. The good news is that you can quite easily get to the EPG database using the functionality Windows Media Centre uses to...
  • Fri

    Maker Faire Prep: DIY multi-touch

    Today I've been preparing for my trip to the first UK Maker Faire in Newcastle in March. I'm taking some robots but also wanted to show something else. The interest in our multi-touch videos on YouTube has been encouraging. So I thought I'll make a more useable home brew multi-touch table. So today, I've been busy filming and building. Everything we do these days has to produce content for many channels - video, in person, blogging etc etc - hence the filming. It has been fun - the...
  • Tue

    Multitouch physics engine for Surface

    Multitouch physics engine for Surface Here is a little video showing off some of the cool work my colleague Dave Brown has been doing 'after hours' with Microsoft Surface. His application is a drop in replacement for the ScatterView WPF control on the Surface. The new control provides a physics engine so that elements in the control react to forces applied to them both physically and virtually. As you'll see the elements interact with fingers, hands, booklets, poker chips and business...
  • Tue

    Community Server URL redirection

    It has been a frustrating day. I've spent it trying to redirect a short cut URL to a specific URL in Community Server 2007. This should have been an easy exercise but for many reasons it wasn't. To start with I'm not a CS guru. Secondly, the Community Server documentation has always been a bit thin and relied overly on forum posts and blogs which is a nightmare to search and navigate. Thirdly, the new CS 2008 documentation site appears to have removed or at least broken some of the linkage...
  • Fri

    blu for Twitter

    If you are after a decent Windows Vista or 7 client for Twitter I can recommend blu. Sweet animations, presentation and performance. All deployed in a self-updating Click-Once package. Nice.
  • Wed

    Windows 7 Lineup

    The Windows 7 lineup has been announced. See the detail on PressPass site: Windows 7 Lineup Offers Clear Choice for Consumers and Businesses: Q&A: Windows General Manager Mike Ybarra discusses how Windows 7 editions are being designed to make buying simple, while serving the needs of more than 1 billion customers worldwide. Also note the side bar linking to announcements regarding Windows 7 on Netbooks :-) All cool!
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