13 June 2008 - Posts

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    Paper art droids!

    I am a committed geek. And on top of that (or is it a mandatory element?) a robotics hobbyist and Star Wars fan. So guess how excited I am to find this little blog post at Geek Dad! Yes you can make paper models of your favourite droids or other Star Wars craft. All you need is paper, glue, tape and scissors. Needless to say, I shall be looking to bring some of these raw materials to the BBC Backstage MASHED event because I know there'll be link minded people attending. Excuse me I have an Astromech...
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    Get kids programming with Wowwee bots!

    Getting children into science and technology is one of the big challenges facing UK education today. Getting kids into programming is even harder. Or it used to be. Yesterday I met up with Jane Braybrook and Peter Kibble of Q4 Technologies. Jane (a Teacher) and Peter (a .net developer) have built an Integrated Development Environment(IDE) for children , called Go-Robo, which allows them to use their Windows PC to program the Wowwee range of robots! The IDE comes in three flavours targeting the different...
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