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    Robot missile targeting

    I'm off to Leicester University's 50th anniversary Science Day celebration this weekend - Saturday 8th. I'll be showing off a number of fun things including something I'm working on at the moment - robotic missile launcher targeting :-) With Braintech's new Volts-IQ vision SDK there is a Microsoft Robotics Studio service for face detection. Using this service coupled with the also supplied USB Missile Launcher service ( see my MSN USB Missile Launcher post - working in the robotics...
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    Robotic Xbox 360 wired controller fun

    I'm playing with my robots again. This time I want voice control. I discovered that my Bluetooth headset doesn't deliver the quality required by the Windows Vista Speech Recognition function, so I was looking for another headset to use. I can already drive my robots around using a wired Xbox 360 controller - it plugs into a PC using normal USB. Then I rediscovered the Xbox 360 headsets I have, and wondered if the controller driver for the PC would support the headset - esp. as the headset...
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    Home brew PVR

    Recently I had the opportunity to write an article for a UK magazine on building a simple PVR using Windows XP Embedded. Nothing hugely special there until I tell you I was running the whole system off a USB memory stick! Yes that's right, the XPe OS image and the PVR storage. Thanks to two very large and pretty fast memory sticks from Corsair - the Voyager GT 16Gb and the 32Gb Survivor - there was more than enough storage for everything. However, the performance for such devices is totally dependent...
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    Your Digital Lifestyle

    Video: Your Digital Lifestyle See more at
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