Mashed 08: Wotudo Blimp

Paul 277It start out as a simple bit of fun but with the help of old and new friends at Mashed 08 it turned into a real 'mashed activity!

It first flew with simple branding (my other blog) - I wasn't sure if the vinyl lettering (from would be to heavy,but it worked perfectly thanks Steve and Melissa!

Then with the addition of a wireless camera and my spare blimp balloon - to balance buoyancy - it flew again transmitting to the main screen as if journeyed around the venue. Flight controls were a little heavy and the important MSDN pen had to be taped closer to the gondola to reduce swing - but it flew and got plenty of attention :-)

Paul 289

So specific details: The balloon is the RC 4 channel, bomb dropping Blimp Bomber by airtech and sold in the UK by Urban Junkie. I lugged their disposable helium cylinder up to the venue to inflate with (it weighs only about 3kg so not hard).

The wireless camera is the standard small 2.4gb wireless spy camera. Powered by a PP3 9v battery (yes with both blimp balloons we still had to add ballast to achieve neutral buoyancy). The standard receiver was plumbed into the AV rig by the BBC technicians.

I'll leave you with picture of the moment: Sarah Blow, myself and Andrew Fryer.


Steve Lamb 383

Steve Lamb 362