Giggles at the Register

I_live_to_code_toast_small Keen followers of Microsoft contacted the Register this week because Microsoft's .Co.Uk homepage had changed to a rather dull 'web directory' view. Cry's of 'hacked' and 'Microsoft error' abounded resulting in this article on the Register.  I can report that the whole thing is part of a fun campaign called 'Live to code'. You can see the 'mystery' Live to Code site at its formal location of If you attended any of the TechEd or MSDN roadshows last month and this month (Glasgow and Newcastle still to go) you will see more of this 'techie fun'.

Readers of my blog will have noticed I've been displaying a 'Live to code' logo in my Shout Out box for the last week. This campaign is all about us - the code writers. Be you a hobbyist or a professional we all write code for a reason and often that reason is much more than 'to earn a living'. Being a programmer is more a lifestyle than just a 'job'. The never ending desire and need to learn more, to improve technique and create new wondrous things defines a way of life that requires dedication, self-discipline and a creative spirit.

Before I started programming - many many years ago (like 28 years ago!) - oil painting and drawing were my creative outputs. But once I started programming, it consumed all my energies and creative thoughts. Often my ideas were way beyond my capability; but with experimentation and research in many cases I could move closer to my goals. This is way I'm still building robots. This is way I'm still in the software industry - there is always more to learn, and more possible. It is always exciting and fun :-)

So, don't believe everything you read in the 'press' and always look on the 'bright side of life' - being a coder makes me smile everyday. I do because I can.