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  • Tue

    Community Games on Xbox LIVE Beta

    David 'LetsKillDave' Weller announces on the XNA Team Blog the availability  of Community Games on Xbox LIVE!! Following on from GDC 2008 you now have the opportunity to try it out. Read more at the XNA Team Blog . Or jump direct here .
  • Tue :: Backstage Blog :: Mashed 2008 - tickets now available

    Tickets for the Mashed 2008 - the BBC Backstage event - are now available. This is an incredible 48hr event over a weekend. Best applications built over the 24hr competition period can win prizes. I'll be there with robotics, plus colleagues with lots of other fun stuff. Hopefully I'll see you there! Remember  - sleep is for wimps :-) :: Backstage Blog :: Mashed 2008 - tickets now available
  • Wed

    XNA 3.0 CTP - Zune games!

    Yes! The XNA Games Studio 3.0 CTP is available and it enables game development for the Zune platform. Canadian colleague Jean-Luc David ported this game pretty easily. Jean-Luc's learning's in doing are: · Project needed to be converted from XNA 1.0 to 2.0 (using the Migration tool) · Copied in PreferredBuffer attributes from the Alien Takeover game, Mitch Walker’s reference game was very useful in general · All graphics were reduced by 40% · Background same aspect...
  • Wed

    Live on campus - European tour

    I'm taking part in the Microsoft Windows Embedded European Tour - doing the Turin and Stockholm gigs later this month :-) I shall be presenting the Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio session and including as many demos as possible. A1-DW is to heavy to travel - so with a bit of luck I'll be showing a tele-presence demo. Windows Home Server will provide a third party camera view so attendees can see him moving about as well as the view from his camera. Other demos will include exploring my...
  • Tue

    Worldwide Telescope available

    Take a space tour in   The experience is remarkable. See Keith's screencast here to get a feel.
  • Thu

    Giggles at the Register

    Keen followers of Microsoft contacted the Register this week because Microsoft's .Co.Uk homepage had changed to a rather dull 'web directory' view. Cry's of 'hacked' and 'Microsoft error' abounded resulting in this article on the Register.  I can report that the whole thing is part of a fun campaign called 'Live to code'. You can see the 'mystery' Live to Code site at its formal location of . If you attended any of the TechEd...
  • Tue

    RoboCup - Nao in simulation

      Aldebaran have provided a CTP of the Nao simulation for Microsoft Robotics Studio's soccer simulation. Find more details here .
  • Sat


    Hi, I've had to turn off the ability for comments for the time being as the blog has been attacked by a spam bot. I'll resume comment posting as soon as I have plugged the security gab. My apologies if you have received any of the spam via RSS feeds from this site.
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