Robot missile targeting

I'm off to Leicester University's 50th anniversary Science Day celebration this weekend - Saturday 8th.

I'll be showing off a number of fun things including something I'm working on at the moment - robotic missile launcher targeting :-)

With Braintech's new Volts-IQ vision SDK there is a Microsoft Robotics Studio service for face detection.


Using this service coupled with the also supplied USB Missile Launcher service (see my MSN USB Missile Launcher post - working in the robotics world is such fun!!) I intend to be able target visitors to my exhibition booth. I will of cause not allow the missile launcher to fire at people  - but the missile launcher will pan around and show them being targeted on a small screen attached to the front of A1DW. Yes the missile launcher is already a planned peripheral for my favourite robot - my PC Bot 914 called A1-DW.

The Science day runs from 10 to 15:30. I will be in rooms G24 and G25 in the Maurice Shock Building. If your about it'll be great to see you!

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  1. You missed the RoboCup Junior 2008 National Final in the Wirrall on 8th March! An interesting day, with Rescue competitions and Soccer competitions. It seemed like a logical step after FLL for the TechnoBotts2 team...

    Catherine — March 10, 2008 1:09 PM
  2. I did miss the RoboCup final - but Tony kept me up to date with the teams activities.

    Congrats on second place and the potential to go to China!

    Also I understand the team are now coding in C! Top stuff :-)

    paulfo — March 10, 2008 2:38 PM

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