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  • Mon

    Nao starts production

    Chris Kilner posted a sneak peak of the first Nao of the Aldebaran production line! Well done to all the Aldebaran people - it takes real hard work to make product happen! We look forward to seeing more of Nao in the near future! I do hope we'll have DSSP compatible services for Nao too - hint hint Chris :-) See more here
  • Thu

    914 PC Bot Microsoft Robotics Studio services

    Just a shout out to say I've been working on building some services for the White Box Robotics PC Bot 914. This work has been a bit delayed due to various reasons but I'm making good head way now. My plan is simple. Working from the good work of Chris Jones - fellow UK 914 owner - I've built out a base PC Bot 914 hardware service from which I am now building out support for generic service implementations for the differential drive and the sensors. The base service was 'tested'...
  • Thu

    Windows CE based robot

    I promised some chaps from Manchester a pointer to the Stinger CE Robotics Kit. So here it is:
  • Thu

    Heroes Happen Here launch

    Birmingham ICC saw the UK launch for Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008 - three of the big developer products from Microsoft. I attended to show Microsoft Robotics Studio on a small stand along with colleague Andy Sithers who was showing off the XNA Games Studio. The two of us had a great time but such a busy time! The launch event ran until 19:00 with both of us on site at 06:30 to finish set up - so it was a long day! Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say "hi"...
  • Mon

    Hard Rock Memorabilia

    If you have ever had a drink or a meal in a Hard Rock Cafe you will be aware of the enormous range of music memorabilia on display at each cafe. Now you can look at it all in close up detail using some new technology from Microsoft called Silverlight and its DeepZoom feature. I'm sure we could have done better with the feature name - but it 'does what it says on the tin'. Nip over here , download the Silverlight runtime (really small only takes seconds) and then wander round looking at...
  • Mon

    iRobot Roomba in the UK

    Finally, we get a retailer of the Roomba in the UK who has some high street and household presence! Lakeland are now stocking the Roomba 530 . I have been a Roomba vacuum cleaner owner for several years and even my early version is a treat to use and even fun to watch! Put it in the room you want cleaned and press the button - then go do something else! With the exception of deep pile carpets the Roomba works really well. I have both hardwood and carpet in my home and it cleans all with ease. In...
  • Tue

    Robert Sim discusses Volts IQ

    Robot devs at Braintech which produces the VOLTS-IQ vision additions for Microsoft Robotics. Robert discusses the various stuff in the SDK (Note 1.6 is out now) and also highlights a wireless camera they are developing for the Lego NXT system. The camera uses Bluetooth to deliver pictures to a laptop for processing. Under Microsoft Robotics Studio (MSRS), various services can run on the PC and then communicate via Bluetooth back to the Lego Brick to drive motors and read sensors. MSRS therefore enables...
  • Mon

    Robot missile targeting

    I'm off to Leicester University's 50th anniversary Science Day celebration this weekend - Saturday 8th. I'll be showing off a number of fun things including something I'm working on at the moment - robotic missile launcher targeting :-) With Braintech's new Volts-IQ vision SDK there is a Microsoft Robotics Studio service for face detection. Using this service coupled with the also supplied USB Missile Launcher service ( see my MSN USB Missile Launcher post - working in the robotics...
  • Mon

    Robotic Xbox 360 wired controller fun

    I'm playing with my robots again. This time I want voice control. I discovered that my Bluetooth headset doesn't deliver the quality required by the Windows Vista Speech Recognition function, so I was looking for another headset to use. I can already drive my robots around using a wired Xbox 360 controller - it plugs into a PC using normal USB. Then I rediscovered the Xbox 360 headsets I have, and wondered if the controller driver for the PC would support the headset - esp. as the headset...
  • Mon

    Home brew PVR

    Recently I had the opportunity to write an article for a UK magazine on building a simple PVR using Windows XP Embedded. Nothing hugely special there until I tell you I was running the whole system off a USB memory stick! Yes that's right, the XPe OS image and the PVR storage. Thanks to two very large and pretty fast memory sticks from Corsair - the Voyager GT 16Gb and the 32Gb Survivor - there was more than enough storage for everything. However, the performance for such devices is totally dependent...
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    Your Digital Lifestyle

    Video: Your Digital Lifestyle See more at
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