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  • Thu

    Kit envy - PICO-ITX

    My colleague in OZ, Mr Nick Hodge , has got hold of the new PICO-ITX bundle by ARTiGO. This builder kit is just superb. Giving you a full X86 PC in a 1.8 x 5.9 x5.3in box. Complete with 2.5in IDE Hard drive, 4x USB, VGA output,10/100 Ethernet and audio I/O it is apparently the smallest X86 PC in production. I want one. You can also get one from my favourite hardware store: However, they are showing a 6 to 10 day lead time at the moment. Mr Hodge and I have been discussing the OS he plans...
  • Wed

    Hovering Drones Rushed to Iraq (Updated) | Danger Room from

    My favourite MAV is in demand with the US Navy according to Danger Room and Flight International. Hovering Drones Rushed to Iraq (Updated) | Danger Room from I have been researching to see how hard it would be to develop a homebrewed version of this MAV and 2008 may just be the year I get round to building it. Its totally cool and always reminds me of the start to Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back when the Empire sends drones to discover the Rebels hidden base. Yes I live my life with...
  • Wed

    New Scientist Tech: Claytronic robots

    New Scientist reports that CMU are researching how swarms of robots using electromagnetic forces to assemble into almost any form. The project is still very much in its early days. It is also exciting to see the UK's Bristol Robotics Laboratory also working on robotic swarms discussed in the same article - read more here Shape-shifting robot forms from magnetic swarm - robots - 29 January 2008 - New Scientist Tech
  • Wed

    New Robots from Wowwee | Geekdad from

    Catching up on my Geek dad subscription I spotted this. The new Wowwee robots all look a bit tame except for Rovio(pictured) it apparently includes the NorthStar vision-based navigation system which is rather splendid. New Robots from Wowwee | Geekdad from
  • Fri

    Metro: lies and spies on the net

    The Metro free newspaper circulated around London rail stations reports: The Internet is turning many Britons into cheats, spies, thieves and liars who pretend they have far more interesting lives. More than half of us regularly illegally download music and films for free, while 46 percent of people 'cyber stalk' partners or potential lovers. Blimey - sounds like we are becoming a pretty grim society doesn't it? But there is more - and I love this bit courtesy of AOL: 'And lonely...
  • Mon

    The real Bill

    Inside Microsoft we have often enjoyed crazy spoof videos put together by Bill, Steve and other senior execs. However, these rarely see the light of day beyond the internal conference. As a parting piece of fun at CES Bill has, however, released a great spoof video with contributions from may famous individuals. This video shows the fun side of Bill that we in Microsoft have always enjoyed. More than anything it shows Bill doesn't take himself COMPLETELY seriously, but has plenty of humility...
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