01 May 2007 - Posts

  • Tue

    Location, Location, Location

    As the estate agents keep telling us it is all about location! Well, A1-DW is very close to being able to tell me his location within my house after this mornings debugging session. Looking distinctly Heath Robinson at the moment but you can see the Basic Stamp prototyping board with the compass module standing off between the USB board and the BS board. This location worked well enough for determining a bearing. The PC-Bot introduces about 8 degrees of error within my home, due to the electronics...
  • Tue

    Update 1st May

    Last night I equipped A1-DW with the electronic compass and the sonar system I built. I managed to fit these inside A1's casing not wishing to deface the glorious look, which means for the moment I have to remove the back body panel from A1 to test the sonar system. Once I have ironed out the teething issues and proved the system I will make some modifications to fit them permanently into A1's plastic casing (hoping WBR can replace any panels I mess up!!). I do have some teething issues ...
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