A1DW development - what should he do?

a1dw One of the disappointments of being a competition or challenge organiser is that you can never take part in the competition you have created :-(

Now we have a number of other robots in the I Love Robots competition (go vote!!) I have removed A1DW's profile from the database.

I'm still working hard on integrating him into the Foster household. Most recently I have be working with some software built by fellow roboteer and 914 owner Chris Jones. In doing so I appear to have discovered some issues with A1DW's drop sensors, so I'm working to resolve these.

Here's another question for you - comments please!!

What would you like A1DW to be able to do?

You'll have to think a bit harder as he can already listen, respond to simple commands, speak, move around by himself, be controlled remotely (via IM, and soon IVR on a telephone).

And before you say vacuum the house, we have another robot - Rover - to do that. He is a iRobot Roomba.

If you start dreaming up a real selection of things for A1DW to do, why not put them altogether in your own blueprint and submit it to the I Love Robot competition.

I look forward to reading your suggestions and seeing blueprints!

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  1. Something I have thought about for a while ( but dont have the skills ) is how about letting it sit below the mail box and shread all the unsolicitated stuff that comes through :)

    Richard — December 29, 2007 8:53 PM

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