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    My robot life comes full circle

    27 years ago (or there abouts) as a young lad, I desperately saved to buy a Heathkit Hero Jr. Hero Jr was the little brother of the Hero 1 (which featured in an American TV serious and got me hooked on robotics). By the time I had enough money to phone Maplin and order a Hero Jr they had discontinued them :-(. This was a major blow to my robotic dreams. I managed a few lowly robots after this, religiously purchased the various early robot magazines but never managed to build a robot with all the...
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    A1DW development - what should he do?

    One of the disappointments of being a competition or challenge organiser is that you can never take part in the competition you have created :-( Now we have a number of other robots in the I Love Robots competition (go vote!!) I have removed A1DW's profile from the database. I'm still working hard on integrating him into the Foster household. Most recently I have be working with some software built by fellow roboteer and 914 owner Chris Jones. In doing so I appear to have discovered some...
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    Your Christmas technology? Come on... tell us!

    What technology will you be playing with over Christmas? A new computer, a new home theatre set up, or maybe a new robot? Or are you just happy to be at home playing on your existing kit? Now we have comments working :-) why don't you leave a note to say what technology fun you'll be having this Christmas?   For me, I still have loads to do with A1-DW (my robot), I'm wiring out my Sky box and moving entirely over to Freeview. I need to upgrade my Windows XP Media Centre to Windows...
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    Comments galore!

    Finally getting time to tidy up the Wotudo installation. Latest correction is on anonymous comments - you can no leave a comment without having to be a signed in member. Which is just as well because I'm not allowing signed in members on the site yet as there are no forums - yet. Please do leave a comment :-)
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