Building robot telephone solutions


In between filming interviews and making other films I managed to get some time coding with BT's Web 21st Century SDK. This allows devs to do some interesting phone stuff very easily.

From SMS messaging, placing voice calls to conference calls and even IVR applications, the Web21CSDK provides some great functionality.

I managed (with some help from BT's Nathan Fisher) to get the basics of an IVR application up and running. My plan is to cause the IVR application to post commands to my robot - A1DW. Enabling me to send him on patrol anywhere in my home while I am away. This should be quite simple now I have the basic authentication mechanism working (I'm using VS 2008 Beta 2 so had to play with my WSE 3 settings), the IVR application can perform HTTP Posts providing action data directly to A1DW's Post handlers in the navigation or motor drive MSRS services.

In building the test app I was also able to claim a Nanocopter for my boys to play with - by far the coolest swag at Tech Ed Developers 2007 (bar the conference T-Shirt).

You can see more in the middle of our Tech Ed Developers Day 3 Wrap video.

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