iRobot launches two new products

 iRobot have launched two new robots at DigitalLife expo in the US. The ConnectR(tm) Virtual Visiting Robot hits to spot for family tele-presence. Providing a robot equipped with web cam enabling remote friends, relatives and traveling parents to  interactive with people at home. It particularly appeals to me - a geek dad who does more than his fair share of nights away on business. However, A1-DW has beaten them to the role in the Foster household, however, a cheap packaged product will obviously meet a need.

 The Looj(TM) - not sure how to pronounce this one! - also kind of meets a need too. Along with nearly 500 metres of hedging to maintain I have a significant amount of gutter too. The Looj can be deployed into gutters at convenient gable ends and driven via remote control up and down the gutter. The 2.25 inch high device uses a three stage auger to dislodge gutter muck which is then swept out of the gutter by a propeller like end. Initially I thought this would be great for doing all those unreachable gutters above conservatories, but the disposal method leaves a lot to be desired - I'd prefer to shovel using my 12ft extending Wolf trowel  into a bucket then have to wash down the conservatory roof after sending this little blighter into action.

Still it is always great to see more domestic 'robots'. One day we'll reach critical mass.

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