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    Print your photos in picture-perfect quality

    They’re an essential part of the digital photography explosion, but the latest printers may have passed...
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    Can you beat my WEI?

    I normally work entirely from the laptop Microsoft provide, so having the latest and greatest home PC isn't a huge priority. I typically take advantage of DABS or Maplin sale offers to upgrade my home PC. Recently I have added a Samsung 320Gb SATA hard disk, an ATI X1950pro graphics card and this morning I upgraded my CPU to an AMD Athlon X2 6000+. The disk and the graphics had the most significant affect on my WEI (Windows Experience Index - the way Windows Vista determines your PC's capability...
  • Wed

    2nd Anniversary Girl Geek Dinner

    The 2nd anniversary Girl Geek Dinner (GGD) took place in London at the Skype office's chill out lounge. The evening, arranged by GGD founder Sarah Blow, attracted a good number of Girl Geeks who generously allowed some of us boys in too :-) The Skype chill out lounge, like most successful software companies, is equipped with a range of gadgetry, games and memorabilia. Split into two parts - one modern cafe style with kitchenette and circular sofas and tables, the other more like a traditional...
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    Pre-Order your Xbox Elite are now taking pre-orders for the Xbox Elite. They have the standard console kit, as well as combos the Elite Play & Charge kit, the Elite Battery Pack, the Elite plus additional controller.
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    5 fast photo fixes to improve any picture

    Use Windows Photo Gallery to touch up your family snaps; improve lighting, put colour back in people's...
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    Fujitsu Lifebook U810

    Thanks to digital lifestyles for this pointer: The Fujitsu Lifebook U810 is to be released into the US by Sept. The lifebook is very small, has a 5.6 inch screen and runs Windows Vista BUT is has the same Intel processor as the Samsung Q1 Ultra the Intel A110, running at the same 800mhz which leads me to suspect the perf will be the same as I have witnessed on the Q1 Ultra - so poor to be unusable? Something is a miss here. Hardware companies can't be releasing machines that don't really...
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    Perfect pictures every time!

    Take complete control over the organisation of your photos and effortlessly edit and enhance them with...
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    Pre-order HTC Shift

    Expansys is taking pre-orders for the awesome HTC Shift. Sadly they list release as October 2007 (so long!!). But the price is amazing at £869, compared with OQO Model 2 £1096 both with Vista Business. I really want a workable UMPC and the Shift seems like the ultimate offering. The OQO comes in second place because of the poor KB - it does have a bigger HDD at 60Gb compared to 30GB. It is also smaller but I think the Shift is smaller enough and worry about trying to work with a 5" display ...
  • Thu

    MSRS Community page update

    The Microsoft robotics team have updated their Community web page. The page now has a whole list of projects and partner MSRS service developments; including the Princeton university DARPA project, SubjuGator 6 from Florida University and UAV work in Turkey!! Included in the partner MSRS technologies is Chris Kilner's GridSlam for Diversity, MSRS services for VEX robotics and RoboRealm Machine Vision amongst others. Cool stuff - go look! Technorati tags: MSRS , Microsoft , Robot
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    Nao to replace AIBO in RoboCup

    The RoboCup web site announced that the - yet to be released - NAO humanoid is to replace the AIBO in the Four-Legged League which has become Standard Platform League. Aldebaran (manufacturer of NAO) haven't released NAO to market yet so this is a huge boost for them. Just as well they now have Chris Kilner on-board! Read more at RoboCup and more comment here at Robots Dreams . Technorati tags: RoboCup , NAO , AIBO , Chris Kilner
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    Robot music video fun

    Technorati tags: Robot-dreams.competition , Keepon and Spoon , Wired >
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    MOD challenges

    Having seen the broad news coverage of the DARPA Grand Challenge I was keen to see if the UK or Europe was running similar things. I soon discovered a number of interesting robotic challenges organised by the UK Ministry of Defense (MOD). The most recent challenge just completed this July, was SAUC-E - Student Autonomous Underwater Challenge Europe. Teams had to build a submersible robot to complete a number of tasks autonomously. Once the robots were under water there was no communicating with them...
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    Virtual Earth to track swimmers

    A team of Microsoft employees from Reading, UK will be undertaking a cross channel swim in mid-September to raise money for the Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance Trust . The 6 person team will swim in relay, each member swimming for one hour, to cover the 18.2 nautical miles in hopefully 14 hours. We are looking to see if the software I assembled to track my sponsored walk earlier this year can be used to track the swimmers from the safety boat. Does anyone know how far out cellular coverage...
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    DARPA Grand Challenge

    A quick cross post to highlight to you all the DARPA Grand Challenge. This time around the autonomous vehicle developers must provide a vehicle that can drive safely in the urban environment - filtering in with traffic flow, working correctly at junctions, overtaking and avoiding obsticles! It all sounds to amazing to be true but do you know the best bit? Microsoft Robotics Studio is being used by one entrant to program their vehicle. See the details on my robot blog here . Technorati tags: A1-DW...
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    Did you see the Perseids meteor shower?

    One day after the new moon, the Perseids meteor shower provided a splendid display of shooting stars. Unfortunately cloud obscured our view for a short time, but we were still able to see plenty. You did have to look straight up which was uncomfortable unless you had a sun lounger to lay back on. None of my photographic equipment was sensitive enough to capture the shower; I completely failing to override my EOS 400D automatic settings to do a suitable timed display - time to RTFM, but not on the...
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