• Fri

    .Net Gadgeteer for Visual Studio 2012 available

    Available today, download the updated .NET Gadgeteer, including support for Visual Studio 2012 and a host of other new features.
  • Wed

    Teaching Kids Programming - Online Training Course for .NET Developers

    This is a great little course to get children programming. Published by PluralSight one of the leading professional programmer training companies. Follow along with the videos You can use Visual C# Express, a free entry level version of Visual Studio with this course. You can download Visual C# Express from here . Teaching Kids Programming - Online Training Course for .NET Developers
  • Wed

    The Somersby Store

      Enjoyed this
  • Fri

    SciTech Club: First ROV swimming pool tests

    We had a special meeting of the high school SciTech club this week. Not only did we have an hour, not only were the students allowed to miss another lesson, but we got our Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles in the swimming pool! And they all worked The pictures below were captured from my own ROV which is equipped with a home made water proof video camera that feeds back up the tether to a VCR camcorder. In keeping with the school regulations I will not be publishing any pictures that show students...
  • Fri

    Code can change the world!

    I believe code DOES change the world. But to change things you need people. Watch this video to understand why coding is fun, needed and a great way to earn a living! This may be aimed at American school kids, but UK school kids need to do the same and BETTER!
  • Tue

    Think Computer Science 2012

    Together with colleagues from Microsoft UK and Microsoft Research I attended the Think Computer Science event today. Think Computer Science is an annual event by Microsoft Research in Cambridge, to inspire local high school students to follow a scientific or engineering education path. Over 600 children attended the day of special lectures by leading industry figures, and the exhibition of technology wizardry. The event opened with a keynote between the planes of the Imperial War Museum, Duxford...
  • Sun

    First water test of SeaPerch

    This weekend I was able to test my prototype SeaPerch. The SciTech club is rapidly building their ROVs, so I needed to get on and test my UK version of the US Navy’s SeaPerch project.         The SeaPerch is now complete. The control box is assembled with double-throw, double pole switches enabling the three thrusters to be easily controlled by the operator. In the picture here, the SeaPerch is not yet ballasted. It required about 250grams of ballast. I could have reduced the...
  • Sat

    New tool

    In order to manufacture some custom parts required for one of my submersible projects I have had to purchase a small metal work lathe This will allow me to turn the section headers and seals required by my ‘Robo-Float’. Inspired by the Argo floats , my robo-float will be used to survey local inland lakes as part of an extended capability to survey water courses by the high school SciTech club
  • Mon

    First SciTech club meeting

    As the opener for the new high school SciTech club I took along several of my robots: A1DW Eddie Sphero and my DIY Drone’s Quadrocopter All the above robots except for the Quadrocopter are ‘differential drive’ robots. That means they are driven by two motors which can steer the robot ‘like a tank’ or other tracked vehicle. Put one motor forward, and the other in reverse and the vehicle will turn on the spot. Eddie has a Kinect as the primary sensor. This is a powerful sensor being able to determine...
  • Mon

    New SciTech Club

    My local high school has invited me to lead a new Science and Technology club. I’ve eagerly accepted the role but now I need to find a project to get the members excited. The club is on a Monday lunch time for only 25mins – not a lot of time – so a project that can return quick results is required. The US Navy’s SeaPerch out-reach project has caught my eye. I’ve ordered a kit, but as the club starts next week, I’ve worked through the list of parts and sourced as much as I can locally. The SeaPerch...
  • Wed

    Windows Phone 7Online Conference XNA track

    We had great fun presenting the XNA sessions for Tech.Days Online Conference last week. From a secret location (just off the M42 J4) a crack team of XNA developers gathered to present four sessions covering Artificial Intelligence, Collision detection, Advanced Rendering and the Synapse Gaming’s Sunburn game engine for XNA on Windows Phone 7. I’ve collected together a few useful links for each of the sessions below. The session recordings and slide decks available very soon – I’ll add links when...
  • Mon

    Windows Phone 7 beyond the clouds

    Is this the first Windows Phone 7 handset in the stratosphere? On Friday morning, Southampton university launched a Windows Phone 7 handset in to the upper atmosphere using a helium balloon and logged scientific data using a Windows Phone 7 app and Windows Azure. Here is the full breakdown from Dr Andras Sobester: “Part of the ASTRA (Atmospheric Science Through Robotic Aircraft) initiative ( ), the goal of this flight was to demonstrate the feasibility of using a low...
  • Thu

    “Know Thy User, for He Is Not Thee”

    David S. Platt’s first, last and only law of user experience design: “Know Thy User, for He Is Not Thee”. I like this, and enjoyed reading his opinion on the future of applications in the latest MSDN magazine . A point recently underscored extremely well by the new Tesco iPhone application ad . A brilliantly executed ad for a simple app feature – well simple if you can get to the device camera stream. One day, one day…
  • Thu

    Amazon Kindle now available for Windows Phone 7

                        Yay! Amazon’s Kindle e-reader app is now available on Windows Phone 7. I installed it yesterday and it looks good, recommend you go get it and never be without your Kindle library.
  • Sat

    Big Screen 'byRemote' - for Windows Phone 7

    Available now for trial + purchase from Windows Marketplace (in 'Music & Videos' category) Based on the great technology developed for the Silverlight 4 desktop client - the Windows Phone 7 native app brings the functionality of byRemote to the new Windows Phone 7 devices released by major manufacturers over past month. Featuring multi-touch support and a great looking UI designed specially for the look/feel of Windows Phone 7 Metro UI - this app is optimized for 3G and Wireless users...
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